Fiction Editing

I provide substantive and line editing for both long and short fiction.

Academic Editing

I provide substantive and line editing for academic work – high school through graduate school.

Freelance Writing

I can provide creative, formal, academic, or social writing to fit your needs.

Fiction Editing

I offer three packages for your fiction editing needs:

The Big Picture

This package provides a response to the work on a large scale.  It provides substantive editorial feedback and comes in an essay-style response to the work, honing in on critical areas such as plot, character, theme, pacing, and overall style.  This package is perfect if you are confident in your work on a line-by-line level and want assistance regarding the overall flow, structure, and style of your writing.

Between the Lines

This package consists of line editing your entire work.  It is more involved and specific than The Big Picture package.  You can expect your work to have specific, critical comments on every single page.  I am not a copy editor, so these comments will have more to do with style, clarity, and language use in general, however if there are glaring grammatical or punctuation errors I will point those out as well.  This package is for writers who have their work’s overall shape and structure right, but need help improving their writing on a nitty-gritty scale.

Critical Combo

The Critical Combo package provides the best of both worlds – both substantive and line editing.  You get all of the features listed for The Big Picture and Between the Lines.  This package is ideal for the writer who wants no stone – or word – left unturned, and provides deep, thorough, critical responses to the work on both large and small scales.


Academic Editing

For academic work I offer only one package: the Critical Combo.  Like the fiction editing package, the Critical Combo offers a large-scale, substantive response to the work as well as line-by-line comments and suggestions.  While I am not a copy editor, if there are any glaring grammatical or punctuation errors, I will point them out.  I offer this package for high school, undergraduate, and graduate (MA) levels.  For high school work I edit all subjects; for university or college work I edit the humanities as that is my specialty.

Freelance Writing

I can provide you with freelance writing in whatever style you may need.  I have worked extensively in the areas of poetry and fiction and have also produced numerous essays and research papers.  I am very flexible and will work with you to determine exactly how my skills can serve you best.


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To learn more about my services and rates or to request a free editing sample, please contact me at  I look forward to hearing from you!

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