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Castle Front

About Me

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site!  I go by V.N. Doran professionally but my full name is Veronica Noelle Doran.  I grew up in Barrie, Ontario and currently still live there with my fiancé and our two cats, Winnifred and Beowulf.

Education, Qualifications, and More

I began my post-secondary education at the Bader International Study Centre at the Herstmonceux Castle in Hailsham, East Sussex, UK.  I spent my first year of university there, studying English, French, German, History, and Art History among the storied castle walls.  I completed the remaining three years of my BA (Honours) at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, where I majored in English Language and Literature and minored in World Language Studies.  During my time at Queen’s I was awarded the Queen’s Excellence Scholarship and the Maureen Morgan English Award.

In 2015 I was accepted into one of the best (and most competitive) MA programs in my field: the MA in English in the Field of Creative Writing at the University of Toronto.  This degree was wonderful and fulfilling as it was both academic and creative.  Academically, my areas of research included Old English language and literature, medieval British literature, Old Icelandic and Viking literature, Old French language and literature, Middle English biblical drama, and Shakespeare.  On the creative side of things I attended workshops led by esteemed Canadian writers like Michael Winters and I was mentored personally by Toronto Poet Laureate and internationally best-selling author Anne Michaels as I completed my thesis, a novel called “Wolf Daughter.”  I won the Avie Bennett Emerging Writers Award during my MA and worked for two years as a teaching assistant in the U of T English department where I edited and graded hundreds of university students’ papers.

I am an award-winning writer who has been published in several magazines and anthologies.  Recently I was invited to (and participated in) ARC Magazine’s poetry mentorship with their writer-in-residence, Canadian poet Robyn Sarah.  I have done freelance editing and writing work for local educational publishers since 2009 and have been editing fiction professionally for the past two years.  I have also worked as a private tutor and literature teacher.  I hope that this short bio gives you some indication of the qualifications, skills, and creativity I bring to my work!

Contact Me

To learn more about my services and rates or to request a free editing sample, please contact me at vndoran@sympatico.ca.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Me